* wedding makeup
* beauty/airbrush makeup
* print/editorial makeup
* film/tv makeup
* prom makeup/special occasions

* makeup lessons
* engagement/baby photos
* senior portraits
* male grooming
* makeup parties & classes                                

* Novalash Eyelash Extensions



1. Wedding Makeup

 So your BIG  day is coming up. Caterer? CHECK!  Photographer? CHECK!  Professional Makeup Artist? Your wedding is the day when you should feel more confident and beautiful. You want to be just as beautiful in person as on camera. You should look like YOU, on your very best day - with the very best makeup. Book your appointment today. Have a destination wedding? Need to know how to create your wedding day look yourself? You can book your personal makeup lesson today.

2. Beauty/Airbrush Makeup

 Whether you're in your 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's or 60's choosing the right shade, texture and amount of makeup for your age is  important. YouTube tutorials are awesome to watch but following someone else's beauty routine does not always work for you and your beauty regime. Having a one-on-one session with an experienced makeup artist will help you create your own signature look worthy like your favorite YouTube beauty gurus. Want to achieve that flawless look like your favorite celebrities?? Try airbrush makeup. It gives you high coverage in a sheer application with the benefits of  longevity and durability.  Book your appointment today and get all the tips and techniques for customizing your look at any age. Want to take it a step further? Get hands on tips and techniques with your own personal makeup lesson.




3. Print/Editorial Makeup

Whether it's natural makeup for your head shots or edgy makeup for your editorial  shoot, makeup for photos is different than your everyday makeup. Don't get stuck with great photos and not so great makeup. Book your appointment today to get that professional look for your photo-shoot.








4. Prom Makeup/ Special Occasions

From Anniversaries to birthdays to prom- let's face it, it's going to be an exciting night on the town. Be the center of attention with a sultry smokey eye or maybe a bold power lip. Whether it's your Bat Mitzvah, Quinceañera, Debutante or any other special occasion, you deserve to have a fab HOLLYWOOD makeup look. Want to learn how to get the look on your own?  Book your personal makeup lesson.







5. Film/TV Makeup

Whether it is a feature film, commercial or promotional advertisement, having a key makeup artist with experience is an essential element to the overall design and look for film and television productions. Book your professional makeup artist today for all your behind the scenes needs.





    6. Engagment/Baby Photos

Newly engaged? CONGRATULATIONS!! More than likely your engagement photos will become your marriage announcements. They will be sent off to your closest family and friends, hung on refrigerators for many years to come. So why not look your best with a makeup look that will be timeless? You will have the opportunity to get a makeup test done prior to the big day, to ensure a worry free photo session! Baby on the way? Enhance and capture that beautiful glow you already have. Excited about your makeup look but nervous about exposing your belly bump? No worries traditional body makeup or even airbrush makeup will do the trick to give you that extra boost of pregnancy confidence. Book today!






    7. Male Grooming

Maybe you're an up in coming model/ actor, maybe you need some help with corrective skincare or maybe your're just a guy who wants to look his best. Get the look and learn the technique on how to look well groomed everyday. Book your appointment today.





8. Senior Portraits

Makeup for senior portraits and Graduation  is more than just a rite of passage, it's your main event that marks your entrance into adulthood. It's just as important as any other social event. Why not end your final years of college or high school looking your very best. Book your appointment today. On your way to college? Just landed your first job after college graduation? Let me teach you the techniques on how to look your best everyday.



9. Makeup Lessons

Are you tired of watching the how to videos and not being able to replicate the look? Let ME show you how to amp up your look by teaching you the tips, techniques and what tools to use that will fit your lifestyle and focus on your personal needs. What better way to learn then in the discreet privacy of your home. Book your personal lesson with me today. Want to really become a professional at applying makeup on yourself or on others, book a series of 2, 3, or more appointments.


10. Makeup Party & Classes

Want to have a girls night out with not actually having to leave the comfort of your home? Maybe you would just like to have a tail-gate-prep-party before you go out for a night on the town. Want you and your friends to LEARN THE NEW BEAUTY TRENDS OF THE SEASON? Book your party today.



11. Novalash Eyelash Extensions

A great option besides strip lashes are Novalash Individual eyelash extensions. Wonder why the Kardashians’ lashes always look so full, long and REAL? They wear eyelash extensions. Novalash Eyelash extensions are synthetic or mink strands of hair that are bonded and individually applied to a single eyelash.  The extensions are semi-permanent, lasting up to 3 to 4 weeks. The bonding adhesive is waterproof, so you can sleep, swim, and wake up every morning on your honeymoon and still have that wow with out adding a drop of mascara. In order to achieve this look, you want to ensure your lashes are applied by a certified lash extensionist. But dont look any further, because I recently got certified to be a Novalash Certifed Lash Extensionist.  To find out more or to book your appointment, click here. 



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