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Baltimore Certified Novalash Extensionist and makeup artist, Tymia Yvette, will give you the lashes you have been waiting for! EyeLash Extensions are the answer for making lashes look longer and fuller. The process is very meticulous, but once completed, lashes look so natural, they are often mistaken for your own. Eyelash Extensions are synthetic or mink strands of hair that are bonded and individually applied to a single eyelash.  These lashes are not your traditional strip lashes or eyelash flares.  There is no need for mascara or curling. They are safe and comfortable to wear, even for contact lens wearers. With routine touchups to fill-in extensions every three to four weeks, you can always guarantee you'll have beautiful-looking lashes for any occasion.  If you are interested in eyelash extensions, please fill out the form on the right.  

Novalash Eyelash Extensionist Tymia Yvette

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1.  What are eyelash extensions?

Extensions are small pieces of fiber or material cut and tapered to mimic the look and feel of real lashes. They are composed of a high grade of PBT materials.  However, there are some extensionist using acrylic extensions, which can be harmful to the eyes.

2.  What is the process and how long does it take?

One extension is attached to one individual natural lash, this is so your natural lash can CYCLE OR SHED normally. 

For a new client, the first appointment is about 2.5 hours. The initial appointment starts with a consult to customize extensions specifically to each client. Once the lash application is complete, a thorough discussion on all after-care tips such as not picking, daily brushing, etc. Follow-up maintenance appointments can take anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes.

3.  What are the benefits of eyelash extensions, and do I need to wear mascara?

Eyelash extensions give you refreshed-looking eyes. It also gives you the appearance of makeup without the makeup routine. Their is no need for mascara. Since you will no longer need to curl and apply layers of mascara, you will not need to remove mascara daily. Daily mascara removal puts stress on natural lashes and sleeping with mascara on is even worse.  Another benefit is extensions that are are applied correctly can help the growth of natural lashes.   

4.  How safe are extensions?  

Damage occurs when lashes are not individually isolated- ONE SINGLE EXTENSION ON ONE SINGLE NATURAL LASH (for volume extensions, it is one extension cluster attached to one natural lash). When lashes are not individually isolated or separated, this is called EXPRESS LASHES or otherwise known as a "coat-and-drop" technique. This technique adheres or glues large chunks of natural lashes together. Also, extensions that are too long and/ or too thick can cause stress on the natural lash. Your lashes should not feel uncomfortable or cause you any pain. Extensions should feel weightless. This is why it’s important for the lash artist to customize extensions.  He/she needs to make sure the natural lashes can support the weight of the extensions.  

5.  How long do extensions typically last?

When Extensions are applied properly, they can be worn throughout the year. After your initial full set, to keep lashes looking full and new, lash fills are required. Fill or maintenance visits replace any extensions that may have shed or cycled out. Every 3 to 4 weeks is the recommendation for follow-up appointments depending o each individual’s lash cycle. 

6.  Are you feeling hesitant about lash extensions? Don't worry Tymia Yvette will put your mind at ease. 

"While there has been a lot of misrepresentation about extensions, I am here to tell you that lash extensions are SAFE with proper application and making sure you find the RIGHT lash extensionist. Remember, just like any other beauty service, you have to find someone who is qualified to do the job! Not every Lash Artist is certified, and some do not care about natural lash health. Make sure you do your research before booking a lash appointment. I am certified through Novalash, you can visit my link here Novalash link:

Still need a little more assurance? Check out my interview with Baltimore Magazine about eyelash extensions."  - Tymia Yvette