Style Me Pretty HoneyMoon Makeup Essentials

Whether you're honeymooning in Maldives, Costa Rica or Vegas, every woman wants to keep that "wedding-day glow.” Thankfully, Professional Baltimore Makeup Artist & Certified Eyelash Extensionist, Tymia Yvette, is sharing with us her Top 5 makeup essentials and tips for your honeymoon:

TIP 1: WAKE YOUR SKIN UP WITH MOISTURE - LAURA MERCIER ILLUMINATING TINTED MOISTURIZER is the best 2-in-1 face product. It protects your skin from harmful sun rays with SPF of 20. It's also a moisturizer with a tint of color that gives your complexion a radiant, youthful glow for that "no makeup" look.  



If your skin naturally has radiance and you dont need the extra luminosity try LAURA MERCIER OIL-FREE TINTED MOISTURIZER. This product gives you the same benefits but contains oil controlling ingredients to control shine breakthrough. 

My favorite technique for applying tinted moisturizer is using your hands! The warmth from your fingertips allows for the product to blend into the skin seamlessly.

TIP 2: GET A YOUTHFUL LOOK BY CREATING A FULL, WELL SHAPED BROW.  The best way to do this is by USING ANASTASIA BROW WIZ PENCIL. No need to bring your pencil sharpener, this mechanical pencil distributes the perfect amount of product on the brow to create and define natural brows. This 2-in-1 pencil also comes with a spooley brush on the opposite end. 


Have trouble filling in brows? First start off by brushing the brows with the spooley, in an upward motion. Next, use the pencil to fill in any sparse areas using light pressure and hair-like strokes. Brush the product through the brows. Step back and look in the mirror to ensure brows are balanced and symmetrical. Repeat as necessary. 

Tip 3: GET THE GLOW FROM NARS POWDER PRODUCTS BY BUILDING YOUR OWN PALLETTE. From the sun-kissed bronzers to the cult-favorite blushes, customizing your own nars palette allows for you to take just the essentials. Start off building your palette with a bronzer to define the face, then add in a highlighting powder to accentuate and add radiance. Finish off your palette by adding a blush that will give healthy color to your cheeks.


Want to pump it for a night? Add in a duo eyeshadow and brush on sheer wash of shadow by mixing the colors together.

Not sure which colors to pick?  For Fair to Medium complexions, (top, right to left) Albatross Highlighting Powder, Orgasm Blush, Alhambra Duo Eyeshadow and Laguna Bronzer. For Medium to Dark complexions, (bottom, right to left) Miss Liberty Highlighting Powder, Torrid Blush, Isolde Duo Eyeshadow and Casino Bronzer. 


This beauty service is something that you can get done before your wedding day and will last you throughout your honeymoon. Leave your mascara at home because these extensions provide a natural full lash look. They are also double heated for amazing curl retention. Dont have time to visit your eyelash extensionist, URBAN DECAY CANNONBALL WATERPROOF MASCARA will do the trick. This mascara gives you a full, soft lash from its gel formula and wont budge even in sweat-drenched conditions.


TIP 5: GET SOFT AND SMOOTH TINTED LIPS WITH CLINIQUE'S CHUBBY STICK Whether you want full color, sheer or somewhere in the middle, there is a gloss stick for you. No need to carry lipstick, lipgloss and chapstick. This product gives you all 3 benefits in a lip product.


FINAL TIP: SLEEPING IN MAKEUP IS A BIG NO-NO.  At the end of the day you want to make sure you remove all impurities to keep skin radiant. Use NEUTROGENA NATURALS FRESH CLEANSING + MAKEUP REMOVER. It cleanses the skin without striping oils away and removes makeup all inone step. Finally, dont forget to hydrate your skin by drinking water. If you're too busy celebrating and drinking champagne, use NEUTROGENA HYDRO BOOST WATER GEL MOISTURIZER. This oil free moisturizer is a water gel formula that instantly gives your skin a boost of hydration helping your skin and complexion look supple and smooth.


Happy honeymooning!  And be sure to check out the entire article from Style Me Pretty here!

Is Your Makeup Wardrobe Ready For Spring & Summer 2014-Part 2


             S/S 2014 EYE & LIP TRENDS

             S/S 2014 EYE & LIP TRENDS

So I know all of you were sitting on the edge of your seat, biting your nails just dying and waiting for me to post my part 2 of S/S 2014 makeup wardrobe!! But I'm quite certain that wasn't the case. However, I am SURE the only ones who were waiting for this were my overly obessed proteges who O.D. daily on cosmetics and makeup trends (yes I'm talking about you Bri, Neen & Von). Anyway, I've been gone for so long with a pretty bad ankle sprain. Somehow that sprain SPREAD and crawled up into my fingertips which caused me not to give you guys the "need to know" for S/S 2014 eyes and lips. My deepest apologies!  However, since Memorial Day is a few days away and the first day of Summer isnt until June 21st, I figured there is still time for me to inspire my fellow makeup junkies of the world. 

Create that slept-in look with the blackest BLACK eyeliner.

Create that slept-in look with the blackest BLACK eyeliner.

Ok so lets get down to business: Summer-time Eyes! In my last blog, I talked about SIMPLICITY with NUANCES. Keep that aspect in mind when you get ready to do your eye makeup. So you have on your new Lavender-colored blouse and I'm sure you're ready to pull out your MAC Beautiful Iris lavender eyeshadow (one of my faves) but this summer its not about matching your eyeshadow to your outfit. One BIG trend for eyes: show off the shape and flirtyness of the eye. So put the lavender eyeshadow back in your makeup bag and pull out black...yes BLACK.  Start with the eyeliner. It can be cream, liquid, or pencil as long as its black. You'll also need your blackest mascara. Remember those strip lashes you brought a while back - you'll need those too. YEP, its time for the FALSIES!!! However, I know you may be is this in trend for 2014? Are makeup trends being reprocessed?? Well remember, skin is glowy and feminine; brows are not overly groomed or sculpted; there are pops of color on the cheeks and lips along with subtle shimmer to help create a light effect to the skin. This means the eyes have to be kept timeless and classic. The liner has a 90's slept-in feel to it, not goth but feminine. The lashes look "DOE-EYED", creating a very 60's lash.


Create Modern 60's eye with Tokyo bottom lashes by Lilly Lashes

Create Modern 60's eye with Tokyo bottom lashes by Lilly Lashes

A simplistic eye  doesnt mean the eyelids should be kept bare. The eyes are translucent with a natural hue. You can achieve this look by using Benefit's Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Peach Parfait, Venetian Brown or Butter Cream. While getting your Benefit eyeshadows, dont forget your "They're Real!" Mascara from Benefit and your Red Cherry Lashes #13 to help create that 60's lash. If you want to get that modern day Twiggy look, pop on some Tokyo bottom Lilly Lashes. 

Unusal colors on the lips like pastels and coral-reds

Unusal colors on the lips like pastels and coral-reds

Now that we have your eyes in trend, lets tie it in with the oh-so-popluar lip trend we are all obsessed with. The colors have a Barbie-Doll like feel to the lips. Unusual colors like pastel  lavender and bright coral reds. The texture this season can be creamy, glossy or matte, its just all about using color in a non-traditional way. Try Flare lipstick by Illmasqua or Coral Blossom Lipstick by Tarte to accessorize your SS makeup wardrobe.

Now since I made you wait soo long for part 2, I'll give you (and only you) an exclusive sneak preview to Autum/ Winter 2014...

Usually during fall, skin is typically matte. However, this fall and winter, have it YOUR way! Whether you prefer matte or dewy, the main focus is using different textures on the skin to create a 3-D, realistic look. And guess what??? Contours are added back in a big way (not that they ever really went away). A/W 2014 has a strong focus on EYES. The "windows to the soul" will have a architecturally strong, glam-grunge look which will be complimented with the return of *drum roll please* a strong brow....all pulled together in a modern way.

Do I have you hooked yet?!?! Want to know the other trends??? Stay tuned for A/W 2014 MAKEUP Trends and I PROMISE I wont stay away as long XO💋💄.


                                          "Windows to the soul"

                                          "Windows to the soul"