Style Me Pretty HoneyMoon Makeup Essentials

Whether you're honeymooning in Maldives, Costa Rica or Vegas, every woman wants to keep that "wedding-day glow.” Thankfully, Professional Baltimore Makeup Artist & Certified Eyelash Extensionist, Tymia Yvette, is sharing with us her Top 5 makeup essentials and tips for your honeymoon:

TIP 1: WAKE YOUR SKIN UP WITH MOISTURE - LAURA MERCIER ILLUMINATING TINTED MOISTURIZER is the best 2-in-1 face product. It protects your skin from harmful sun rays with SPF of 20. It's also a moisturizer with a tint of color that gives your complexion a radiant, youthful glow for that "no makeup" look.  



If your skin naturally has radiance and you dont need the extra luminosity try LAURA MERCIER OIL-FREE TINTED MOISTURIZER. This product gives you the same benefits but contains oil controlling ingredients to control shine breakthrough. 

My favorite technique for applying tinted moisturizer is using your hands! The warmth from your fingertips allows for the product to blend into the skin seamlessly.

TIP 2: GET A YOUTHFUL LOOK BY CREATING A FULL, WELL SHAPED BROW.  The best way to do this is by USING ANASTASIA BROW WIZ PENCIL. No need to bring your pencil sharpener, this mechanical pencil distributes the perfect amount of product on the brow to create and define natural brows. This 2-in-1 pencil also comes with a spooley brush on the opposite end. 


Have trouble filling in brows? First start off by brushing the brows with the spooley, in an upward motion. Next, use the pencil to fill in any sparse areas using light pressure and hair-like strokes. Brush the product through the brows. Step back and look in the mirror to ensure brows are balanced and symmetrical. Repeat as necessary. 

Tip 3: GET THE GLOW FROM NARS POWDER PRODUCTS BY BUILDING YOUR OWN PALLETTE. From the sun-kissed bronzers to the cult-favorite blushes, customizing your own nars palette allows for you to take just the essentials. Start off building your palette with a bronzer to define the face, then add in a highlighting powder to accentuate and add radiance. Finish off your palette by adding a blush that will give healthy color to your cheeks.


Want to pump it for a night? Add in a duo eyeshadow and brush on sheer wash of shadow by mixing the colors together.

Not sure which colors to pick?  For Fair to Medium complexions, (top, right to left) Albatross Highlighting Powder, Orgasm Blush, Alhambra Duo Eyeshadow and Laguna Bronzer. For Medium to Dark complexions, (bottom, right to left) Miss Liberty Highlighting Powder, Torrid Blush, Isolde Duo Eyeshadow and Casino Bronzer. 


This beauty service is something that you can get done before your wedding day and will last you throughout your honeymoon. Leave your mascara at home because these extensions provide a natural full lash look. They are also double heated for amazing curl retention. Dont have time to visit your eyelash extensionist, URBAN DECAY CANNONBALL WATERPROOF MASCARA will do the trick. This mascara gives you a full, soft lash from its gel formula and wont budge even in sweat-drenched conditions.


TIP 5: GET SOFT AND SMOOTH TINTED LIPS WITH CLINIQUE'S CHUBBY STICK Whether you want full color, sheer or somewhere in the middle, there is a gloss stick for you. No need to carry lipstick, lipgloss and chapstick. This product gives you all 3 benefits in a lip product.


FINAL TIP: SLEEPING IN MAKEUP IS A BIG NO-NO.  At the end of the day you want to make sure you remove all impurities to keep skin radiant. Use NEUTROGENA NATURALS FRESH CLEANSING + MAKEUP REMOVER. It cleanses the skin without striping oils away and removes makeup all inone step. Finally, dont forget to hydrate your skin by drinking water. If you're too busy celebrating and drinking champagne, use NEUTROGENA HYDRO BOOST WATER GEL MOISTURIZER. This oil free moisturizer is a water gel formula that instantly gives your skin a boost of hydration helping your skin and complexion look supple and smooth.


Happy honeymooning!  And be sure to check out the entire article from Style Me Pretty here!

Skin Care: How To Pick The Best Products For Your Skin

Do you have a regular skin care routine??

Do you have a regular skin care routine??

I've been staying with my sister Monicka for the last few days and I'm noticing how overly obsessed she is with her skincare regimen. I mean she's my sister, so I've always known about her addiction but her regimen is beyond CRAZY! But watching her put on all her serums and eye creams on her already VERY flawless skin inspired me to write about that very thing -  SKIN! 

My blogs are usually about the obsession I have for makeup and trend. This particular blog originally started with me writing about foundation. I wanted to write about that because I CONSTANTLY get requests from my clients saying they want their skin to look FLAWLESS and recommendations for a foundation that will give them that "no makeup" look. But how is it possible to have that Heidi Klum glow or the flawless-ness of Beyonce if you aren't taking care of your skin???

So my first question to you is, WHAT IS YOUR SKIN TYPE?  As a makeup artist, I always  hear the same 2 things, "my skin is oily" or "my skin is sensitive". What's funny about those statements is that most people really don't know what type of skin they have. But why would you, when you've never had the opportunity to learn about skin? Well for the next 5 minutes, I will be your tour guide as we navigate through skin types and common skin conditions.

Since we all have our own lovemark to certain skincare brands, I won't get into what products to buy, but I will tell you some ingredients to look for when you're purchasing skincare. Dry, oily , dehydrated, textured, sensitive, and uneven/ hyperpigmented skin are the skin types and conditions most women are concerned about (you may find your skin fits the description for more than one type). Now here's an interesting fact that everyone should know- your skin in your twenties goes through a natural exfoliation process about every 26 to 42 days. Now if you're in the "30 and over club" like myself, I have some bad news for you - that exfoliation process, also known as the "cell cycle," slows down once you hit your 30's. I know, 😳😢 depressing isn't it? So that's why it's critical to start caring for your skin now. The sun ain't getting any nicer and the air any cleaner. 

Now not to pat myself on the back, but the one thing I'm good at is making skin look healthy and flawless. But once you wipe the makeup away, does your skin still look as healthy and flawless?? At this point, you're probably looking in the mirror as your reading saying-

"Is my skin oily?"

  • Oily skin has an overproduction of oil
  • Skin looks shiny
  • More susceptible to breakouts or acne

Oily skin is the most misunderstood. Oily skin can be caused by internal (genetics) and external factors (weather, skincare products, diet, etc...). Look for products that have ingredients like hylaluronic acid or glycolic acid. These products will help control oil production and maintain a balance of moisture in the skin.  However, keep in mind that oil-controlling products might cause your skin to naturally produce more oil than normal.

"I don't use moisturizer because my skin is already oily" - WRONG, believe it or not, the absence of facial moisturizer will cause your sebaceous glands to produce more oil! Two main functions your skin has is to protect and to regulate. So if you're using too many oil controlling products, there may be a possibility you're stripping your skin of its natural moisture. Therefore, skin is going to do what it is made to do-regulate and protect itself - by naturally moisturizing or producing oil. If you find this happening to you, I suggest adding in a couple products that have more hydrating ingredients (water based products) or products that say "oily to normal" in the description. 

Depending on the level of dry skin, look for products that say "for dry or normal to dry skin".

Depending on the level of dry skin, look for products that say "for dry or normal to dry skin".

"Is my skin dry?"

  • dry skin lacks moisture and oil 
  • skin feels dry, rough, and flaky
  • skin looks dull

The same internal and external factors that contribute to oily skin, contribute to dry skin. Look for products that contain jojoba oil, ceramides, or shea butter which will help to soften, smooth, and lock in moisture.



Look for skincare products like hydrating serums and oils-these products will help penetrate the skin deeper and lock in moisture.

Look for skincare products like hydrating serums and oils-these products will help penetrate the skin deeper and lock in moisture.

"Is my skin Dehydrated?"

  • Dehydrated skin lacks water (did you drink your 8 glasses of water today?)
  • skin feels tight
  • less supple
  • skin/ complexion looks dull

This skin condition can be caused by over exfoliating, poor diet, cold weather, smoking, exposure to sun and other environmental factors. Dehydrated skin can be both oily and dry at the same time. Look for ingredients like sodium hyaluronate (moisture magnet), squalene, and moisturizing serums. Think of serums like a primer for your moisturizer. It helps your skin to receive the maximum benefits of moisture.  

Now before we move any further, lets talk about the difference between dry and dehydrated skin. Dry skin lacks natural oil production. It can be caused by genetics or using harsh products. Dehydration is the lack of water and nutrients. Some causes of dehydration may be poor nutrition, not drinking enough water, weather, stress, sickness, etc. Dry skin is a skin type, dehydrated skin is a skin condition (which means its treatable). 


Look for products that say "for sensitive skin". Mineral-based skincare can also be a good option.

Look for products that say "for sensitive skin". Mineral-based skincare can also be a good option.

"Is my skin sensitive?"

  • sensitive skin has a weaker skin barrier which means you're more vulnerable to skin reactions like acne, rosacea, stinging, or an allergic reaction.

As you age your skin gets thinner, which may cause more sensitivity. Some of us are born with sensitive skin. In both cases, you should look for products that have cucumber extract, aloe, or willow bark extract. All of these ingredients will help sooth inflamed or irritated skin. Another unexpected anti-inflammatory ingreidiant is caffeine. 


Look for skincare that say "even out or skin brighting". Don't forget your exfoliator and your board spectrum SPF".

Look for skincare that say "even out or skin brighting". Don't forget your exfoliator and your board spectrum SPF".

"Is my skin uneven or hyperpigmented?"

  •  hyperpigmented skin has an uneven tone
  • dark spots or age spots

This condition can be caused by genetics or environmental factors. Look for skincare that has licorice extract, retinal, vitamin C, and most importantly -ZINC OXIDE & TITANIUM DIOXIDE. YES SPF!! These ingredients will not only help to even out and brighten skin, but SPF will help to shield the skin from those ultraviolet rays to control melanin (dark spots) production.

Look for skin care that say "anti-ageing". and of course don't forget your broad spectrum protection.

Look for skin care that say "anti-ageing". and of course don't forget your broad spectrum protection.

"Is my skin textured?"

  • Textured skin is completely based on internal and external factors.
  • External factors- poor nutrition, smoking, sun exposure. These are things you can change. 
  • Internal factors-completely within your genetic makeup. So if your mother has textured skin at a young age, Awww sorry boo😥, I have more bad news for you....

Exfoliation is great for textured skin along with products that contain antioxidants like Vitamin A, C and E. Moisturizers that contain sodium hylauronate acid help smooth the skin's surface. And believe it or not -SUNSCREEN😎. As AWESOME as the sun is, its the #1 cause to premature aging, aka unwanted texture.

If your skin is normal, you probably already have a great  routine, just keep it up:)

If your skin is normal, you probably already have a great  routine, just keep it up:)

"My skin is normal."

Well I would just call your skin ugly and stupid😠. Not really, if you have normal skin, you're a special and fortunate breed. You have a great balance of oil and moisture.

 So if you're thrifty like me, you probably want to know how you can start a healthy skincare regime with out spending a fortune. My sister gave me the best and cheapest advice, "Don't skip a day without wearing SPF25 or higher, and don't forget the power of 8. Drink 8 glasses of water and get 8 hours of sleep" stay youthful, healthy & beautiful. 

P.S. now remember, I'm just a makeup artist with only 14 years of experience so if you think you need more professional help, make an appointment with your dermatologist. But in the meantime if you have any comments, concerns, questions or need suggestions,  leave me a comment below!! XO