Maryland Weddings - Borrowed & Blue Featured Makeup Artist


My work was recently featured on Borrowed & Blue for my bridal client Rachel.  Rachel wanted me to create a romantic look for her wedding day.  Seeing that Rachel’s best features are her eyes, I wanted her makeup to emphasize this area of her face.  I first applied voluminous Novalash Extensions a few days before the wedding so that Rachel’s eyes would really pop. In fact, I, myself am a certified Novalash Extensionist and if you are interested in learning more about the process, please click here.  In order to achieve the look I envisioned for Rachel on her wedding day, I decided to create an ombré' smokey eye. I started by adding a soft highlight in the inner corner of the eye using MAC's loose pigment in vanilla product/13848/372/Products/ Makeup/Face/Multi-Use/Pigment? gclid= CLzs9eL6iNQCFcW3wAodnaYMzg& gclsrc=aw.ds#/shade/Vanilla_. This technique helped open up her eyes. Moreover, I used Anastasia brow pencil definer-P404827?skuId=1790591& om_mmc=ppc-GG_381463959_ 27499852839_pla-178167848199_ 1790591_97594828119_9012019_c& country_switch=us&lang=en& gclid= CLGnuvD6iNQCFQQxaQodRh8Hiw& gclsrc=aw.ds to structure her brows and give them a more full look. In order to soften and fill the brow, I used NYX eyeshadow powder. After perfecting the brows, I then applied airbrush foundation and Mac Skinfinish powders to soften the face and give it a more blended look. In keeping the main focus on her eyes, I added a simple hint of color and plump to her lips by using (product for lips).